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Monitors displaying security readings

Enterprise Technology Services

Mission Statement

Provide a reliable, functional and high-performance technology infrastructure encompassing network, telecommunication, computer, storage and information security in support of the University’s commitment to education, research and public service.


Photo of Jeff Giacobbe

Jeff Giacobbe
Associate Vice President, Enterprise Technology Services
phone: 973-655-5373
email: giacobbej@montclair.edu

Rachel Warner
ETS Analyst
phone: 973-655-7713
email: warnerr@montclair.edu

Minto Gill
Director, Networking & Communications Infrastructure
phone: 973-655-7007
email: gillm@montclair.edu

Brian Beckett
Chief Information Security Officer
phone: 973-655-4194
email: beckettb@montclair.edu

Jim Byrne
Director, Systems & Infrastructure Operations
phone: 973-655-7009
email: byrnej@montclair.edu

Joel Freire
Director, Telecommunications
phone: 973-655-6555
email: freirej@montclair.edu

Brian Kelly
Sr. Network Engineer
phone: 973-655-7650
email: kellyb@montclair.edu

Meeta Patel
Sr. Network Engineer
phone: 973-655-2036
email: patelm@montclair.edu

Ethan Barnes
Network Engineer
email: barnese@montclair.edu

Artur Janc
Network Engineer
phone: 973-655-6963
email: janca@montclair.edu

Robert Morris
Network Engineer
email: morrisrob@montclair.edu

Sal Castaglione
Senior Security Engineer
phone: 973-655-3275
email: castigliones@montclair.edu

Dan Ginsberg
Security Engineer
phone: 973-655-3009
email: ginsbergd@montclair.edu

Daniel Anzalone
Security Operations Lead
phone: 973-655-4392
email: anzaloned@montclair.edu

Damien Bahoumda
Security Technician
email: bahoumdab@montclair.edu

Julie Flores
Security Technician
email: floresju@montclair.edu

Qing Lu
Senior System Engineer – Linux
phone: 973-655-3191
email: qingl@montclair.edu

Michael O’Neil
System Engineer – Linux
phone: 973-655-3703
email: onealm@montclair.edu

Amanda Mack
Systems Engineer – Windows
phone: 973-655-5499
email: macka@montclair.edu

Rich Malizia
Systems Engineer – Windows
phone: 973-655-3184
email: maliziar@montclair.edu

Joseph Tangorra
Systems Engineer – Windows
phone: 973-655-7029
email: tangoraj@montclair.edu

Thomas Foody
Virtualization/Storage Engineer
phone: 973-655-5335
email: foodyt@montclair.edu

Matt Knight
Backup Admin/SAN Manager
phone: 973-655-7723
email: knightm@montclair.edu

Janice Hartshorn
Telephone Operator
phone: 973-655-7751
email: hartshornj@montclair.edu

Mary LaRusso
Telecommunications Technical Support Specialist
phone: 973-655-4181
email: larussom@montclair.edu