Chapel Hill Students’ Paintings Inspired by Loved Ones Showcase Creativity and Empowerment

May 8, 2024

Students at Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center embarked on a unique painting project this spring, guided by the expertise of well-known local artist, Mr. Kevin West. As part of their English Language Arts class, under the guidance of Ms. Williams and Mr. Waterfill, students not only delved into the study of their novels but also explored a new form of artistic expression.

The project, led by West, involved creating paint-by-numbers canvases that depicted individuals who inspire or empower the students. The students鈥 muses often came from their closest circles, with family members and mentors frequently chosen as subjects. Regardless of their artistic abilities, the resulting artworks were not just about creativity but also about the emotional connections they represented.

Mr. Kevin West, a renowned artist with international recognition, lent his expertise to the project. With a portfolio boasting exhibitions at prestigious institutions such as the Newfields Art Museum and the Cincinnati Art Museum and membership in ‘The 18 Art Collective’ of Indianapolis, which is a group of local artists dedicated to promoting art education in the community, Mr. West brought a wealth of experience and talent to the classroom.
The collaboration between students and Mr. West culminated in a showcase event on April 24, a special gallery night where the paintings were displayed. This event was not just a celebration of the students’ artistic achievements, but also an opportunity for family members, mentors, and friends to be a part of their journey, offering a glimpse into the profound influence of their subject on each artist.

The event was more than a celebration of the students’ artistic achievements. It was an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the central characters within their own stories.

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